Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hello! How's life everyone? My life nowadays is getting suckier and suckier. My studies like getting lousier like my maths. Both my A and E maths test have been failing. I feel so depressed by it.

Not only my studies are bad. A lot of things have been happening around me... Me and Shermin friendship has flung and i don't feel anything. But it seems like she has been blaming me like as if i'm the bad one. Not only me ok, she also have some bad points. I'm sorry if i like post about somebody like this but is a blog. Hey my world, my blog XD.

But when my friendship with her is bad, i think people in my class started to hate me... Those people i know started to change around me also, they like giving me a different impression. I guess to them i'm a bad person... If that's what they think of me, i guess i cant change it... But i won't let that affect me, i will continue to stay strong. If i fail, i might as well tried it.

Besides i still have my other friends like Jessie, Ain and Min ji. haha XD. Stopping here now, posting next time, bye :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Hello! I finally updated my blog. Sorry took so long, i know it looks dead... sorry again :) I am now secondary 3 and i took the subject A maths ( i know i very smart right haha XD). Even though my class haven started teaching A maths, we learn a lot of E maths. It is quite hard but i'm able to catch up with the help of my seniors :) !

Today i'm supposed to go to student leader bbq but i can't go because my mum don't allow me to... But i'm not upset about it even i wanted to go so much. I manage to go out in the morning with my friend Kelvin Wong :) Even though we only breakfast nia haha XD but i had fun. I find it awkward to go eat with a guy alone but i slowly got used to it...

I beginning to like kpop more and more that my best friend, Jessie and Ain, started to listen a little haha thanks to me XD. OMG i can't wait for next week FTisland Fanmeet, its going to be a blast!! oh yay! Haha love them so much XD but i'm quite disappointed when i couldn't buy the $150 ticket... so fast then sold out. I sold out within 30 min?! Can u believe it? I bought the ticket alone so i thought of going there alone but lucky, my brother friend is going too and i get to join her yay!

When i got to know my bro friend, Hui Zhen, she told me about her group of Ftisland fan friends and i get to join then wor haha so great. The best things is that we created a FTisland T-shirt and i got a camera to take pictures of them. YAY!! Haha i know i'm starting to get crazy haha:)

Gotta end here now, please do continue to read and wait for new post. Bye bye :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Well, watching spongebob now... yesterday i had a lot of fun with my school scouts and ru lang primary school's brownies.

We had craft work and did some baking in the kitchen. Very fun. The scouts people seems nice except for truman... the brownies also very cute... even though some were very rude... haha:)

Also have a lot chatting with friends on msn and phone and also on facebook.

I can't wait for the Studet leader camp on tuesday! It is going to be a blast and going to have lots of fun! I'm so excited my god!! I'm gonna be away for 3 days 2 nights, same as last year.. But i think there is going to be some change in the change if i not wrong...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today i have been thinking a lot. I never expect him to call me. It really happen.

It happen around the afternoon. He called but i couldn't hear wad he said, it was very noisy around his surroundings. All i hear is some words saying wad dinner whatever thing. But he said he called the wrong number... I understand. Because the word 'mum' has the same letter as my name 'miao'. So i forget it.

Soon after that, i recieved a message from him:
Him: Hey, I need your help.
Me: Ok what help.
Him: I am involved in a relation. But i dunno how to express it. So can you help me
Me: Ok. Nvm just say it
Him: How to express
Me: Give me examples
Him: I love a girl in RGS
ME: And?
Him: Actually i love you
Me: So?
Him: I love you very much and it took me a long time for me to tell you
Me: But I thought you like tat RGS girl.
Him: That was just for fun. But i am serious bout you. Since primary 5 i have been noticing you but just got the courage to say now. So do you like me like how i like you now?
Me: Yes i do.

But you know apparently it wasn't him who sent me the messages. It was his friend who is using his phone and sms me. I knew that because his friend use his own phone to call and told me it was him who message me not 'him'.

After I hang up the phone, I felt so humiliated and embarrassed. I also felt like scolding f*** and CB. So I just wrote my feelings on my sticky note pad.

After a few minutes i decided to sent a sms to his friend phone number. I told him:
Look i dont know who you are. But you think this is somekind of a joke. Am i easy to joke with. Am i really related to him a lot? F*** you

When i said that to him, he never replied but instead it was him via his own phone. He called me a few times... nope a lot of times but i reject him. He continously called that i find irritating so i sent him an sms saying ' stop calling me'. Well he did stop, he just sent me back a message, saying:
Pls dun be sad. I will get back on my friend. I am sorry, I hate to see you in this state. Can we still be friends. Pls
I saw that but i never reply him. I just don't care about it anymore. He again tried to call me again, sometimes use his phone to call sometimes use his friend's phone to call. But i reject them all. Until a few hours, a phone number called, i cant tell what the number is so i answered it. But who knew it was him. So we chatted. He say that he is very sorry and will try to get back on his friends and told me not to be sad... When i talk to him i felt sad and wanted to cry, my voice started to change while i talked to him... i try my best to talk normally.
After we chatted, he sent me another message using the number he called me. Saying: Please message MY OTHER NUMBER. This is my friend's. Are you alright? I will get back at him., Still Friends right? I saw what you wrote. Do you mean it? Reply to my phone
This time i did reply him. I said: Look I don't want to talk about it. I feel humiliated and embarrassed ok.
After that he never replied. That's good. I don't wish to pursue it anymore. Might as well firgive and forget.
For so far this is the longest blog post i ever type. I hope a lot of people read thispost even though is embarrassing and shameful. I just want to share this post with everybody. Please do comment on this post if you got any comments.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Warm and HOT!!

A lot of things happen after exams. Currently is about Christine. No offence but is all bout her. I don't know whether should blame her or not. But all i could say to her is, do not jump into conclusions until you got evidence then tell the teacher.
I can't believe it that u got sung jin into kana caning, melanie's father scolded sung jin via sms, her father also must go jordan's house and scold him also. You have caused so much problems to some people just to be a good person. Well, yes, you can be a good person but not in such a way. When people got caned like ahmad, you like clapped for joy. Man.. like this very insulting leh. People got caned in front of so many people yet you still clapped. Don't you think is very bad?
I and you are best friends before, but i don't like people like you who see people getting punished and you laugh about it without hestitating. What happen to the old Christine? Even people ask me to hate or hate other people, I won't hate the person but i will leave the person alone and leave it to yourself, I just don't anymore. I'm sorry..

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Warm and Hazy

Tomorrow is the day of the National day. Me and all of my express class friends are going to perform on the marina platform. It is gonna be a blast tomorrow!! Can't wait for it. Especially cant for those guys at there to stop bothering me after NDP XD.

No offence but i find them rather irritating, but i hope we are friends though :). I will never forget these guys though, really make something for me to remember XD.

And i am gonna mmiss my friends there after NDP. I only get to see u all in the morning or after school :( And i especially miss jessie and ain wor :( !! But at least i get to see you all in the morning and after school :)

I will stop here for now. Post next time :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunny, normal lah

Hi i post again. Now i nothing better to do now.... and oso not much things to say. Today just went to my grandmother house to eat dinner and came back after tat. And my father brought his China nephew to singapore to study. The nephew only 4 yrs old and very shy and cute, haha.
Plus he look exactly like my stepbrother. Just little more meat and shorter... Well, thats wad all happened, not much of things happened lar. So, i gotta end here already. Post next time :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sunny, Warm!!!

June holidays are so super boring! Why ndp hav to be once a week? I think im gonna get bored to death! I wish i cant go out frens but i cant!! When im boring, not much of things happen...
So... I'm writing not much of things but i gotta end here. Bye!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


It is so boring... Today wanted to go out but don't feel like. Man i want to buy new earpiece but no mood. At home do nth but stare at the television and the psp. Super bored....
Tomorrow there is guides, wth i dun feel like going coz the day after tomorow got ndp practice. I want to sleep longer! Some more on that day is my grandma 72 birthday. Must go there striaght... I don't feel like enjoying my holidays. No matter how much i go out wif friends or family, is the same... Nowadays people are getting bored and they do stupid things like staring at the cealling... Man life sucks if this continues to go on and on
But can't help it... life is life. Nothing can change it unless u got super powers.... I had no idea why i type out these things coz i nth better to do just type anyhow

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunny, quite windy

Hi! Its been awhile since i update tis blog. My exams results were still the same and my life hav nv change. Now, i have been attending NDP rehearsals and almost everytme, it is very boring. Everytime when im there, Kenneth and ee herng always been disturbing me about mentioning ahmad in front of me and i think tat they are very annoying...
Ashley also mentioning about ethan to me. Saying tat he always talk to me everytime... Haiz... but i can take thier jokes :)
And also quite fun going for NDP, i have been enjoying myself lately too...
I have to stop here for now. Bye
Miao ching